1. The first step in the process is to meet with one of our Countertop Specialists to learn what your needs and wants are. If you are unavailable to come to our location there is no need to worry, our specialists will be able to help you from the comfort of your own home via email/phone. You can come to our showroom to view our vast selection of materials. If you cannot come to our showroom you can give one of our Countertop Specialists an idea of what material and colors you are wanting and they will send you pictures of what you may be interested in. After providing our Countertop Specialist with a rough drawing of your cabinet layout, they can get you a fast and free estimate
2. After your selections have been made and you have received your estimate, we will then go into the template part of the process. One of our trained template professionals will come to your home to make a pattern/template of your countertops, measuring your cabinets and walls to insure a perfect fit.

3. After the template process, fabrication process begins. We fabricate at our location using Top Service employees, some of the best craftsmen in the state, insuring the highest quality of our finished product.

4. Once fabrication is complete the project will be scheduled for installation through our office.
5. The day of installation you will need to have your plumbing disconnected. Our team of installers will install on sight leaving you with beautiful countertops!

The whole process will usually take 7-10 days after your template is complete, depending on the scope of work that is being provided. And you will only be without your kitchen 2-4 hours the day of installation.